Diskop Question

Hey people, I wonder if there is a way to change the preset order the files are listed in the disk op. It’s no big deal, but I have like 200 song files in the same folder all named semi- random, and most of the time want to see the song I was working on last session, first in the list. So, i basically want the files ordered by date by default. Is that possible?


AFAIK it’s not possile. There might be something you can set in your Config.xml though. Let’s wait and hear what the Team members say. :)

Though you could just right click and select Sort files and set it to Date? =)

Nopes, you can toggle it manually in the file-browser but there ain’t an option to spike the choice…

hehe… Yeah I know about the right-click thingy. I guess i’m just lazy :)