Diskop: Reveal In Explorer Keybind? Pppplleeaassseeeeeeeee

itd be absolutely beyond this world and a real workflow improvement to be able to set a key to reveal sample in explorer in the diskop window.
:dribble: :panic: :w00t:

— update

well! wouldnt it be nice that if in right-click menu on diskop-when-choosing a sample that the choice “reveal in explorer” would also in the keycommands be using the same key-wording?

in keycommands it is discoverable as “show selected file or dir in explorer”.

ill know from now on to se it, which is wicked, but should the keycommands lists adhere to the same keywords as the rightmouse button menu, for the sake of being able to find stuff?

– update
the keybind seems to only work in enlarged diskop (available via clicking more). can this be amended so that my keybind to show the selected sample/etc in explorer could be usable via the smaller diskop, please?

it only works when the focus is in the diskop; when the diskop is enlarged, the focus is automatically set to it, that’s why it works.

maybe you are missing the whole focus concept