Dispyz - Less Than Zero

Artist: Dispyz
Album Name: Less Than Zero
Release Date: 09/19/08
Format: Free .mp3 downlaod
Direct Link: http://www.trebledeathsystem.com/productions/?p=4#post-4

Hi mono, nice to see you here ^Ö^

someone’s angry

I am soon going to release my next album with my new band Fuckheads. The album name shall be “Fucking Fuck”.

Track listing:

Fuckheads - Fucking Fuck

  1. Fucktro
  2. Fuck you
  3. Fucking fuckers
  4. Fuckfest at Fuckland
  5. Fucktardation
  6. Fuckless saturday
  7. Fuck you later.

Bonus track: Fuck me too.

Recorded in Fuckrecordings Studio Germany. Mixed and mastered by Gunnar Rockfucker. All music and lyrics written while getting no fuck. No animals were fucked during the recording of this album.

Fucking LOL

Hai man! Nice to see you here! ;D

And it’s amazing what a four little word can provoke ;D

I don’t believe he even uses the lyric in the song. :slight_smile:

I enjoyed this

Right now I just learned I should watch what I say in this forum from now onwards. :unsure:

I actually was listening to the Ungodly Hour podcast. (Google it if you like industrial music) and they were discussing somebody who complained that they were cussing too much on their show. This actually provoked them (okay atleast one of them) to cuss even more. So the show contained lot’s of the F word.

Also I am working on my current album, and it seems to have gotten highly erotical undertones so I wasn’t lying that much. :D