I’m a massive massive fan of the music by Distance… he did quite a bit in IT and some in XM… all good. I’ve got 65 of his songs, most downloaded from the modarchive and some I got through Tracked Worx 2k by Mazsound. Anyone know if this guy is still composing? I’m keen to get more of his ‘distant’ music…

maybe you want to check out
for more of his old modules.

i know for a fact that he hardly uses a tracker nowadays due to there not being a single working working -working- replacement for impulsetracker.

Thanks people, these links are good…

Why doesn’t he just learn Renoise… IT3 ain’t coming in a hurry :ph34r:

honestly? maybe because nothing is where it should be in renoise. configuring all those keycommands to try and act like impulsetracker still doesnt work it. he has (i have) always been pissed off with a FT2-like interface. thats why im just goin to get a 300mhz pc and start using impulsetracker without all those damn windows glitches etc. i like the sample-editor in renoise. i like the promise. i see the potential. however, it …just…isnt…impulsetracker.
i cant handle the interface nor do i believe i need to start drinking tar to get to use a different tracker when all i need is a old pc that will force me to use less polyphony, and force me to track more.
i just cant focus with renoise.

and this is ALL a failing of ME personally, NOTHING wrong with renoise. it just ISNT a software that it NEVER PRETENDED to be. i.e. impulsetracker.
i could learn renoise, sure. however, currently, i cannot stand the fact that if a patern is playing, i have to click somewhere to stop patternfollow, everytime i press play. i cannot handle the fact that having apattern playing, and pressing a note, that note wont function like any other note in the pattern. only on the next play. maybe im just really stupid. maybe ijust havent concentrated and looked at all the information available, read the helps, ticked every single configuration tick there is… i havent, so, its not my place to say anything, except state the obvious.l. renoise is not impulsetracker, neither does it want to be, and fairplay to anyone, and everyone, who uses renoise. i’ve done two different patterns with it, and i liked it, but i couldnt handle the way its creators made it work, and i got way too claustrophobic to run thru every single configuration window to see how to make it completely impulsetracker-y.

in fact, originaly, i tried to briefly look for maybe a impulsetracker keyset configuration set, but i couldnt find one, and then gave up. this is all MY failing, and not the softwares, i just am unable to, and incapable of, moving from one absolutely fabulous interface to a slightly diferent interface, when all i want is the oriignal one, without any lags, and which works exactly like i want it to. the only reason i posted here was because someone linked to my page from this forum posting.

i am not here to disrespect renoise.

Uh oh… Holy war ;)

No, I tried IT, I tried ST3, Modplug, Xtracker, Madtracker, FT2… I liked FT2 very much, because I loved the old Amiga Protracker and the keycommands were almost the same.

ModPlug is quite different to handle but I think this tracker is really cool, first because the hardware-requirements are extremely low.

I never understood, how editing in IT or ST3 worked. I still have those trackers on my HDD and I even have Ultratracker and Digitracker or Sk@le but Renoise has the simpliest IDE (if you will call it that way), that I ever saw…

Hey man, not to worry, I remember being very stubborn with FT2 for years and years when there were obviously better programs out there. Now, there are variety of things to choose from, not just renoise, and you choose where you want to move to when you are ready. If you force yourself into areas you’re unconfortable with it takes ages for your ‘art’ to catch up. I’ve been using renoise for 2.5 years now and I’m only just reaching the skill level I had with FT2 in 2001. My creativity was always there, but it takes ages to foster application.

Esa need not dispair :) , he has made very very special music that moves me, and, entertains many of my Australian friends. I haven’t even looked at the mp3s yet! Wow… awesome…

things have changed :)
renoise2 was very, very good, and configured to a more impulsetrackery keyboard setting its been quite frankly great. renoise2.1 with its rewire etc make staying in schism or trying to have enough cpupower for revisit inside logic a complete waste of time.
its all renoise rewired to a host now from now on. but a few schismtracker tracks will come out every once in a while.

sorry for revamping.

I’m not entirely convinced that this could be a good point for switching to another kind of application; I mean: if you can learn a different kind of approach to music (I honestly could never use anything but a tracker), then you can more easily learn to use another tracker.
Could swtiching from IT to Renoise 1.x be so hard that it is harder than switching from IT to Cubase?

switching from IT to audiomulch was easy, IT to buzz was even easier. switching from IT to reason was decent but didnt really like it. switching from IT - Buzz to Logic was easy after a proper setup was sent to me in the form of autoload.lso. then switching between logic and ableton live was very easy.
but then getting used to the piano roll and seeing how much faster it is to do sequences with trackers lead to trying to sync ztracker with ableton live, trying to track with revisit inside ableton live, trying to track with revisit inside logic, and mostly failing or running out of cpupower. in comes renoise 2.0beta - familiar IT keyboard shortcuts setting - and there it is. now with rewire, now i have exactly what my machine couldnt handle via revisit+logic or revisit+live, i.e., a tracker interface AND a gigging interface (ableton live), and full control between eachother. this makes things absolutely perfect.
would i in 2004 have believed that i’d be using renoise synced into ableton live, no. i would’ve probably just scoffed at the whole idea of renoise having rewire. for me, moving to renoise, it took a few weeks of configuring everything the way i want things to work, when it came to keyboard shortcuts. now theres still a few things i cant do on the keyboard due to specific functions being un-key-bindable, but its good enough.

however, i never moved to ft2 “because it was better” “had a sample editor” “and stuff”, in favor of screamtracker/impulsetracker.

and since renoise has rewire, i kinda doubt that schismtracker will have rewire anytime soon. and revisit is just impossible to use on my computers and the way it is being developed into a not-really-impulsetracker not-really-NOT-impulsetracker monster.

Well… Nowadays with DosBox and its good GUS emulator, he has no excuse for not tracking, since he can run IT in DosBox…

Another thing is for me it was hard to get out of IT2 as well, but when i got out, i don’t want ever to get back in… (You may thank Mick Rippon for dragging me into Renoise)

actually, he/i was sent an old pc from netherlands that did run w98se and impulsetracker straight up, in 2006. it was fun. however, dumping tracks to wavefiles in order to run them through logic or ableton live, wasn’t. rewire+renoise sorts that out.