Distant Shores - EDM/House

(Matt Brosk) #1

Created solely in Renoise using a mixture of VST’s and samples.
If you can adjust them, it’s best to listen to it with bass, treble and middle levels set equally.
Thanks if you do have a listen.

(orrigans) #2

Sounds great, good work. I like the overall vibe.

(stoiximan) #3

Clean mix and a good flow.Way to go my friend


The arps are really nice, wish it had more bass though

(Matt Brosk) #5

Thanks for the feedback folks.
@EETTTEE - This is interesting. I am always quite conscious of trying to get the bass, middle and treble levels to a point where they are all audible without one overpowering another. I thought my audio/monitor setup was pretty accurate to represent this, but this makes me wonder now. I also have decent headphones, use them on different platforms and have a decent car sound system and the levels seem ok to me. Can I ask, what is your setup you listened to it on please?

(stoiximan) #6

I have listened on my Xiaomi phone and from my crappy pc speakers and sounded pretty good


I listened to in on my audio technicas. Most other songs I listen to on them have more bass. It’s not about how it sounds in isolation on different setups but how it sounds relative to other things on them. I’m sure it sounded “good” on the monitors and in the car but if you used a reference you would notice other tunes have more bass. Either the kick or the arp “should” have a lot of bass but neither really do. it sounds clear and clean, it just doesn’t hit hard or have a “beat”, i guess

(Matt Brosk) #8

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate the feedback.

I obviously listen to other music on these setup’s as well… I’d be even more self idolising if I only ever listened to my own music :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

I admit that compared to a professionally mastered track the deeper, richer bass levels aren’t as prevalent but obviously the track hasn’t been professionally mastered.

It gives me something to work on though, so thanks for the input.