Distorted Muted Gutiars..

Every time I try to obtain a good palm muted distorted guitar sound with Slayer2 VSTi + Amplitube VSTfx, I resign and go use a multilayered staccato viola instrument :blink:
(yes! every palm sound you hear in songs like Bound to Reality or Il Principio d’Indeterminazione is actually made with viola samples!!)

do you know of any VSTi+ampVSTfx combo which can be effective for such stuff?

maybe the better and more powerful sound of distorted string instruments is the reason that a german alternative band named THE INCHTABOKATABLES using only real viola, cellos or other string instruments for their avantgarde folk/punk/rock music B)

I dont think I really got what you mean with this… :huh:
I know how does a Distorted Guitar might sound (even if this means, as you surely know, a thousands different sounds) but can’t really get what “palm muted” should sound like… :(

A palm-mute is when you put your right hand (if you are playing a right-handed guitar…) palm against the lower end of the strings you are playing, causing the vibration of the strings to end quickly… good for rhythmical sections :)

palm muting:

a good example of this is “Another Brick in the Wall” (the quiet one, Part 1 i think) by pink floyd. it’s a really cool guitar trick, it’s good for chunky rythm stabs (esp. through distortion) and incidentally also sounds REALLY neat on a bass. :)

Yeah, it’s the oldest trick in the book for metal/rock.
It’s actually more like the bottom part of the palm where the hand meets the wrist that you use, like the bit that rests on the desk when you type/use your mouse. ;)

Usually, a guitarist will use the lowest two strings (E, A) and use these to play a power chord like E + B, holding the plectrum between thumb and index finger, playing a downward strum.

(Guitarist for 9 years, quit to move onto D&B, buying a Fender Jag-Stang next month because I’m also fed up with VSTi guitars!)

wow Richard, thanks!

I will try this because I can reproduce this on Slayer2 (the VSTi I use), so I will see if I will manage to reproduce the sound I need.

argh! :wacko: :)