Hi everybody!

I’m making a sort of hard music and i use a lot of distortion (Renoise native effect). But there’s a problem: when i use it on a bass drums, they fairly muffle everything else - everything sounds much quiter until the bassdrum sample ends - then it rises in normal volume. It seems no matter on which track other samples lie.

Distortion parameters are: drive 40%, dry 30%, wet 20%. I tried lower settings, but they seemed to do nothing - even quiet bd’s awfully dragged all down.

Also I use a compressor on a master track - maybe that’s the problem?

P.S.: Can you tell me which distortions you use? Maybe native one is not that good.

On top of what Bantai has said, which are all good points, I would suggest trying a compressor on the bass drum only as well.You may be able to make it sound more forceful but without the peak level that is bringing the rest of your mix down when it goes through the master compressor.

On a related note: Can any recomend any good free of low budget distortion effects that are any good? haven’t been overly satisfied with the native one and have been trying to keep to free stuff, or at least stuff I feel I can happily afford if I think it’s worth it.

One really good guitar amp distortion effect: Free Amp SE. It uses a lot of cpu, tho.

A more simple one, can be great for drums: CamelPhatFree.

Another simple one, multiband distortion: BugDrive.

An interesting distortion effect: Cyanide.

Besides these you might want to download all (also the old) TbT plugins, especially if you want “warmifying” effects and great limiters and more, all packed in awesome GUIs. Free as well.

Oh, yes, how could I forget Boogex. Amazing quality and free.

Cheers for the tips. Think I’ve got CamelPhat somewhere, but still trying to work through a lot of the free VSTs I have downloaded. Will check out the others you have recomended as well.

Sure I’ve heard people recomend NI Guitar Rig, but that really is more than I want to be spending atm…

Bantai & Kazakore: Thanks, compressing only bassdrums works nice! They still sound powerful but don’t cover up other tracks.