Dithering Option For Jack Audio Driver

According to the user manual, dithering is applied to the audio for bit depths of 8 or 16. Does this option have any effect or make any sense for the JACK audio driver which works with 32-bit floating point data only? Is this checkbox neccessary to keep, if it does not work anyway?

You can change the bitdepth of your samples to 8 and 16 bit, the dithering most likely is applied to these samples or samples with these bitrates and then simply upgraded to 32-bit.

Every sample is dithered before mixing? Isn’t it a bit, uh, ineffecient?

It’s not. VV was guessing only. Dithering only happens at the very end of the audio path when delivering the stuff to the soundcard’s buffers, and only when the sound card buffer are using integers. There else is no dithering happening.

Yes, the dither option indeed is doing nothing at all for Jack. Should get rid of it to avoid confusion.