Dj Controller W/ Renoise

Just out of curiosity, could a DJ MIDI controller like this:…330-i1155673.gc

be used to scratch in Renoise?

No, it won’t work.

in order to scratch, you will need that soft.

you can merely use the device’s knobs and faders to control certain midi mappable sliders in renoise, such as volume, panning or filter cut off, resonance, etc, etc.

Actually there are a couple of VST around to do just that using controllers
Non of em are great and your best bet is the VST version of DJDecks

Personally i just use Reaper as a HUB and rewire Renoise in for backing tracks and Rearoute DJDecks full app in for dropping mixes and cuts (Yep turntablist here)


Deckadance is a possibility.

You can run it as VSTi but I haven’t tried it with Renoise as of yet.