Dj Holy Ghost

You have propably seen those videos, but they are just hilarious :drummer: quite in sync :)

Wicked re-edit.

[couldn’t help it.](^sh~f^lala Instrumentals No+Stinkin+Badges.mp3~p^763~pt^lala__~st^)

nice! :)

Thanks :D I changed the title… Rusty Sheriff’s Badge + Fascism + Nike sneakers + Smiley shirts = Shiny SS Uniform still seems logical to me, but I don’t care about reading those words all the time ugh. Don’t even mention fucked up misunderstandings heh (just .de in a domain does that to some people). Furthermore I guess it’ll slowly drift away from being a clone of the Twisted Individual tune, because I like TEH WOBBLE too much to not own the beat haha (I’ll so feel like thief tough).

The original of ‘Messiah Remix goes off’:…feature=related
Hilarious stuff! :yeah:

Andy C remix is fierce!

when the amen enters at 00:35, the guy on the mic starts to dance as if he was on a mission. :)

Oh, how I love these… I have a friend who cut loose from an extreme christian gruop like these, and we have a common friend whom I used to listen to this kind of music with abuot 10 years ago. Mad funny!