Dj Perpetrator (aka Edwin Van Santen / 20cc) Died

Some of you guys have a C64 history…
Edwin van Santen died may 25th 2006 from the consequences of lung-cancer.

Rest in Peace mate.

Oh my god… what a f****ed up world this is… no words… Spoke to him last year and then lost contact again… We met and spoke alot back in the days and he created some great tunes for our demo’s back then (Black Mail)… Rest in peace mate!!!

WTF? :(

I turned to make music just because of this marvellous spijkerhoek-stuff he did on the C64. Really sad news…

didnt know him but its really sad that good people just keep dying :( RIP

oh, thats bad. never met him but I know his tunes from those days. gotta stop smoking.

Didn’t know of him or his music, but in any case a death like this is very sad. Maybe it was better for him to pass on now than to have it as an ongoing ordeal though. Who knows.

If you had a C64, you will know some of his work.…n_Santen_Edwin/

sad news.