Dja-dubstep Mix


New Dubstep Mix

  1. Cockney flute - Rusko remix
  2. Trippin - Balaxx
  3. Get loose – Fracture
  4. Velvet Rooms – Caspa
  5. Get Scared - Compound One
  6. Mecha – Emalkay
  7. Reso – Holograms
  8. Light Up Your Spliff – The Others
  9. Body Count – Marlow
  10. Skullf*ucked – Antiserum
  11. Snes Dub – Rusko
  12. Budwise - Kromestar
  13. Girl from Codeine City – L-Wiz
  14. Custurd Chucker – Caspa + Rusko
  15. Shine – Kion
  16. V – Distance
  17. Murder Sound – Bar 9
  18. Africa – The Others
  19. Multiple Options – Alien Pimp
  20. Forever – Conquest
    21 The Rogue - Emalkay
  21. Toasted – Reso
  22. The Rider - Qualifide
  23. Centurion – L-Wiz
  24. Bumba - Taz Buckfaster

Download Link:


Will check it out this week since I haven’t really had the opportunity to hear much from this new genre

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Check it again. Link works.

nice one Dj Aidan!

i would recommend to put ‘Benga & Walsh – Bassface’ and some old n-type stuff in, maybe at ~ 20min.
the first caspa tune feels a bit lonely :P

@plugexpert: if you get this text, wait the 60 sec. and retry ( most of the time, it will work ).

edit: ok didnt know, ill wait for your next set.

Cheers Engine. Didnt think that tune was out yet.

ive been listeining the set a few times now and i must say YAY. i didnt really know what dubstep actually sounded like… so it was a perfect introduction , thx

this is great. music on minutes 31 and 38:15 are :walkman: :yeah:


Cool, seems like we have an almost identical dubstep records collection :)

nneds more misk :P

Send me some tracks and i’ll put em in the next mix :walkman:

I’ve got an EP inthe works, i’ll hit you up when it’s done :D till then check the virb, and i’ll check your mix. Always down to work with a fellow renoiser :)

Sounds like a plan. A renoise dubstep mixup. waarp B)