Djd Vs Djt

DjD vs DjT - A38

I hope the link works. Tell me if it dosnt and i will post a new one.
Happy to get reviews.

No replies?
If you despite this song so badly please let me hear it :)

be patient, it doesn’t mean nobody likes your song, it just means nobody has listened to it yet… usually whenever i post a song it takes a couple days and i might get 2-3 replies if i’m lucky (sometimes only 1) :( , but that’s why i post my tracks on multiple sites, including and , and also the local forums i participate in… between them all i might get 5-10 comments which gives me an idea of how my track sounds to other people

anyway, i am at work right now but as soon as i get a chance, i will check out your song and give you a full review!

Yep, we’re kinda slow on replies here… :)

Anyway, you’ve made a nice beginner-track I re-listened a couple of times, and I’d like to see it remixed!

You should work on your arrangment somehow, not really sure what to write about it but… It will get better as you write songs. The last part was quite nice indeed, exept the intro crashed melodically with what came before, if you know what I mean… eh… :)

Oh, and about fx and mastering issues, you need to get a clearer ‘sound’, think you overdid the reverb.

Have been listening to Cygnus X the past half hour, time to put your track on again and comment as I listen, this post is just getting lazy… :)

Now, to get constructive:

Intro: You should use a different instrument in stead of the strings for that melody, something with more punch. Oh, and the bassline would work better with some punch as well. Try using either a different sample, or stardust. The snare has too much reverb, easily fixable. :)

Oh, and I liked the part around 3:50, nice.

As I said, get this remixed, post RNS or something. I’ll do it!

typing while listening…

agreed with sagosen about too much reverb.
nice sound though. kick drum is a little weak, but don’t worry, i seriously say that about everyone’s tracks (for real) even my own.
nice sounding pads at the break near 1:30… love the cymbals around 1:50… decent little buildup although i think it could be a lot better… it gets your energy going, but then it kinda fizzles out at the end where the snare roll stops.

agreed with sagosen about that lead instrument, although it sounds like some kind of wood instrument to me. this is a great lead melody, sounds a lot like ayla or something of that nature, you could keep the same melody and find a better lead instrument and it would sound really great.

at 2:50 and 3:45 something really f****ed up happens, the entire song like cuts out for a second? it just doesn’t sound right

the ending is really cool, but it’s offkey with the song, might want to tune it up some.

definitely try the techniques sagosen mentioned for getting it “cleaner” sounding.

post more songs if you are ready to release them and i will try to comment on them all… also definitely post a newer version of this if you work on it more.

keep up the good work! :drummer:

I am going to update this song.
New samples and everything ;)

This old version sounds to mono.

New version of A38 is posted above.
Deleted the old one.
Would be nice if someone gave me some reviews

TONS better! i love the trancey synths, they sound wonderful. the pads are excellent. lead instrument still sounds a little weak but it’s better.

keep up the good work!

Wow thanks! :)
Anything you or anyone else want to change in the song?
I need feedback to improve.
What do you think would add to the weak lead instrument?
I cant just use a gainer and set it to 400 % :P

i wouldn’t add to it, i would use a different instrument personally