Dk2s And Emg85 Guitar Modification


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Enjoy… Errr… I think :D

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wow the sound is very nice!

I enjoyed!

Thanks Gents!

That sustaniac looks like super cool thing. I want one!

There are three modes on it:

  1. Continuous drone.
  2. Natural Feedback mode (much like having the amp very very loud).
  3. Octave up mode (which can get wild and unpredictable at high gain).

There’s a sustainiac gain controller which is separate from the overall volume control - so you can also get some very subtle and ghostly sounds out of it. Also, you can adjust the high of the driver to put more or less emphasis on the high or low strings.

It runs of a 9V (as does my EMG, so I have TWO 9V batteries in the guitar, crazy). I can usually get a few weeks of playing out of it if I’m doing daily recordings or rehearsals.

You can retro-fit your own guitar with one of these, but it’s just easier to buy one with it already installed. The Jackson has been pretty good, but the body lacks a little natural sustain and warmth being a fairly spartan design. If I had a lot of money I’d buy a Parker Fly, which is a similar idea, but much cooler looking and way better build.

I like guitar soli. Except this one. This one I love. :) :guitar: