Dna-groove - Shoshi

I wouldn’t call this ambient but the song is great! I just looove the melodies the sweet lead sound is twirling. :slight_smile:

Firstly, could you put a link to your tunes, makes it easier for people to find ;) especially as more song become added to the song page.

Writing as I listen,

Good production overall, has quite an eighties feel to my ears.
Not really my style to listen to but you seem to have done a good job at it.

Maybe Adding some vocals would be an idea for interest.

Keep it up!


Just want to make something clear: I didn’t write the track, I’m not DNA-Groove. I just wanted to comment his song. Oh, and I didn’t link the track because I didn’t want to bypass the download counter. I just assumed that would happen without thinking about it too much and apparently grabbing the URL from the download button works just fine. So, here: DNA-Groove - Shoshi

Ok fair enough. My above comments are obviously now to DNA-Groove.

Thanks for the link now raina, may make others more likely to review this song here.

Thanks for the comments, friends. :)

Yes… the 80’s feel is intentional. It’s an attempt to hybrid (what I consider to be) the golden years (80’s) motifs and the more recent production aspects.

More tracks (Renoise and otherwise) can be found at my website (http://mindjob.org).