Dnb Aaliyah Rmx And...something Totally Different

so i gave up fast tracker 2 for acid back in '99, mostly because of the lack of stereo sample support and that i was still dual-booting nt/2000 (can’t remember which) and dos solely for ft2. at the time i was mostly making sequences on my roland xp-50 and jp-8k, then recording and layering them in ft2, so acid seemed like a good solution. but since then i sort of slowly lost my inspiration for making music. i blamed it on a lot of things, but i think in the end what really killed it for me was the process. i guess at heart i’ll always be a tracker.

anyway, just thought i’d share that before i go spamming my newly-inspired tracks to everyone =)

so here’s my juicy remix of aaliyah’s “rock the boat”, inspired by high contrast, john b, and london elektricity, my latest dnb musical sources of inspiration:


sorry about the link, but apparently the brackets in the filename cause the board to see it as ending the link, even though it says “aaliyah” and not “/URL”

aaaand, something i did for my girlfriend who somehow, despite her total lack of experience in music or even ability to tap out a tempo, always manages to give me insight on my music: mars’ star lagoon. this one’s inspiration came from the animal crossing soundtrack and some bossa nova stuff i’ve been listening to lately. i managed to record a ukelele sequence at the end, though i’m really bad at it =) ah well, mistakes add character, eh?

prettty good stuff… :)

the main snare is only mybe a little too soft…

fresh sounding stuff there.
like the way you post processed the vocals and freaked out with’em occasionally.
the instrumentation suits the tune well (synth- /samplewise), except for the main drums and percs, which lack a bit authenticity imo (can only second what trackit mentioned concerning the snare - sounds bit too weak).
the arrangement is not bad either, but i felt like it was a bit too straight forward - some longer breaks and a more sophisticated introduction would’ve put some nice variation to the overall listening experience.
the tune makes me think it’s kinda “in a hurry” since everything is so fast-paced and hectic.

well, this might sound like i’ve got more complaints than anything towards this remix, but i actually really like it in general and it’s always hard to suit everyone’s taste eh?
so thumbs up for this, gj!

btw: did you know there already is a dnb remix of rock the boat?
incase you don’t, it’s also pretty sweet and was released by “DJ Clipz” (Emcee Recordings) [bootleg].

lemme know if you’re interested in it.

thanks for the good crits, especially about the arrangement; i tend to get all caught up in the details and not look at the bigger picture, hehe. i’m glad you guys liked it tho =)
yeah i had no idea there was another ‘rock the boat’ remix, and i’m curious to hear how they handled it.