Dnb? Song By Butka

I made a new song today, Tribes is the name and you can hear it on http://www.myspace.com/jacobwallen
I guess it is kind of like Drum n Bass or something.

Feel free to judge it. B)

This judge says the violins and strings sound neat in dNb. +5 fo not being afraid of coming off cheesy. btw, death of a taco is full of splendor!

Very nice!

steppin’ i keep on walking troughout.
watching things evolve, rainseason to drought.
never seen so mutch as this moment exposed
music for the memory of what i love the most.

feel free to use this rhyme. i freewrote it here and
now while listening to your track. love it butka!

gillar melodiarna dina.

Tack/Thanks! :) I will experiment with the words I promise! I think for the mix it would be perfect with a cute girls voice, cliché! but I do what it takes (at any cost) to make it beautiful.