i need some feedback/ideas/etc on this one to really finish it… thx.


ok the myspace quality really kills it :D , im upping a hq version elsewhere

k, fixed…

direct download

The following post is completely irrelevant.

I think you need to centre the track more around the melody that you use at 1:39 … or at least stop fading it so far in the background later on.

After the halftime breakdown, when the melody kicks back in at 4:18, try a n even stronger reprise of the melody… use it to build energy near the end of the song… try layering other synths using the same melody to get some epicness going, and even sync the sub bass up to that same melody. Playing synths in unison kicks ass. Making the drums more hectic at this point would be cool too. And remember: Cheese is good for you. I often find that DnB tends to take itself WAY to seriously… and avoids using cliches like buildups because it’s considered infantile or some shit. This is complete and utter crap as far as I’m concerned. Cliche is cliche for a reason: it works.

thx joes… i’ll try to hype it some more ;)

but like… did you feel it ?

there’s 4 layers on the main melody… but i guess there’s room for some more :D your right… ending needs more fire. it’s getting tuff to add layer on layer and remain and healthy yet full sound on the lead.

any suggestions how to make the drums more hectic ? (now there’s 3 layers of drum fills…) just add more ?

appreciate your ideas