Here’s some dnb I’ve been workin on. Please enjoy! Any feedback is appreciated :)


Cheers guys,

Arrhythmic Orange[/b]

Not bad… Would like to hear a bit more groove in the drums…Other than that …Epic tune

Really liked this one, but I would like to hear some other things that change it up a bit.

Cool, well thanks. I’ve been thinking a few extra beats stacked over it would sound cool to change things up… Cheers :)

Yeh, cool, thanks :) I’ll definitely make a mix with some extra beats, itll keep it interesting, agreed.

yeah literraly feels like just kick snare with a few high end things… very sparse. nice synth, maybe abit to static at times? also the sub isnt hitting quite right on my headphones?

I love it! I would love to add some vocals to this tune.

I agree with Hyaena. Would like a little more change up. Nice vibe though!