Do Female Renoise Users Actually Exist?

where is the musical power of the girls … :D

rare, i’d say… i’ve only seen a couple these few years… not in renoise even, but of the oldskool scene. zola and lisa lindstrom i think… hmm.

I guess you wont find much … not much women grew up with computers in general, so chances that some of them are making music are either slim. however, I guess this changes in the future. maybe some women making “normal” music will make the change to computer-supported music.

the only female digital musicians i’ve really ever head of are Neotropic (ex. Ninjatune) and Mira Calix (warp). if there are others i’d like to hear some of their work. geekland can be hard for someone who gets singled out on a biological technicality. i wonder if many just don’t bother telling anyone.

Actually there many “girls” that have compose great music even not with the power of Technology.

From my experience girls don’t like complicated things like computers. They use computers for chatting and gossip around or other simple tasks , word excel e.t.c in General

Of course there are exceptions like girl graphic designers which they do excellent job.

a female tracker webring did exist (called “grrrrrls in tracking”), it counted less than 10 people, most of them I didn’t like: melodious, quite cheesy soft rock or dance music.

the most known female tracker was probably Miss Saigon, though I prefer much more Harmony Steel (page not available: she had a page on, site which was recently closed to public).

A comparison between these two artists, anyway, it’s quite difficult because they belong to different periods of tracking history.

but maybe this depends a little bit from cultures and countries and so on … in the last 10 years in germany pc’s at home become normality … so what?!

exactly my point, alexander, this means that in the future we will see more women in any part of computer-related scenes. it just took a while to make computers a normality, and it took (or will still take) some time until this had an impact on the women-and-computers thing.
I mean, it took me some time from buying my first computer to making something “creative” with it (I sat infront of my first computer at the age of six and a few years later my BASIC programs were above the “hello world !” level).

over a decade ago at school a female classmate of mine had a father which was a computer-science teacher, she grew up with computers and is now doing some AI-programming stuff, but for a long, long time she was the only woman I knew having any experience with computers. Now a few years ago alot of women at the university started using computers to write their works, and today some of them are doing CGI with Photoshop or 3d-software or similar, but it took some time for them.
Also, the two women I know in this city making music with their PCs are basically women who did music the traditional way before and came onto computer-supported music that way, The PC wasnt their inital trigger. And if you go that way, you are much more likely to end up with cubase or similar instead of trackers.
and as the last thing, trackers still have alot to do with programming, with all these hex-numbers and similar, and while women might use PCs for alot of stuff today, I know only one or two doing any programming-work (and those have no interest in music whatsoever).

i live on the east coast of the us and there are alot of computer savvy females, but very few with interests in programming music.

when i was visiting my kid sister in Frankfurt a few years back she used to put on my headphones and dance to tracks i was making in IT on my laptop. maybe i should try to get her into renoise. she likes playing on computers but all she ever does is play games.

1there’s a german live-act, called Morganixx (DJane Morgana and Magnetrixx). They play a very powerful style of progressive goa. I saw her on a party near zuerich (Switzerland) – one of the best act’s, I ever seen…


The female trackers I know of are Lluvia (a french, girl), who’s music is quite nice! You can find her work at…tists%2Flluvia/ or

Other than that, I chatted alot with a girl called Natasha Breanne Thompson from the US, she was an IT-girl and made some quite original stuff. Not all too listenable for me tho, but I guess that’s for whoever listens to decide… Her stuff is at

This female used to track, and was thinking about participating in the madtracker compo. She wasn’t shure though as she have now stopped tracking and uses FL, I told about Renoise…