Do I Need Reason To Use Rewire ?

Hi all

I’d like to use Cubase as a Rewire master, and Renoise as a slave, but i feel lost…

I find information about how to use Rewire everywhere, but i can’t find anything about the installation… I’ve downloaded Rewire 1.7 and installed it (maybe I should download the 2.0 version by the way - any links ?), but when I launch Cubase and then Renoise, Renoise don’t launch as a Rewire slave.

Maybe I must have Reason installed to make it work ? Or i’ve missed something.

Anybody could help me ?


Thanks for your quick answer.

Anyway i find out why it doesn’t work : Cubase LE 4 does not support Rewire. Great…

Nopes, but if you purely want to test ReWire, you can try Cockos Reaper or muLab…

Not that i want to start a debate but i’ve ditched cubase for reaper - i think reaper is the shizzle