Do Not Forget Disk Browser Scroll Position


It would be nice if the Disk Browser remembered the scroll positions and the selected files
for all file types (song/dsp chain/instrument/sample/theme).

(Let’s say I’m looking for the best snare for my song and auditioning my samples one by one.
When I switch to the instrument window, Disk Browser automatically switches to
instruments view, and the file list always jumps to the first item, so when I go back to the samples
I have to find where I was before…)

  • Sorry if already suggested, but I could not find it in older posts etc etc…

if you just double click on the sample (in the browser) it swaps the sample with the sample that is currently selected in the instrument /sample window

Squeaky, I’ve edited my post, tried to make it less confusing… :)

yeah , i guess i don’t quite understand what you mean.

i usually just audition my sample in the disk browser (with focus on the disk browser)
by using the up/down arrows, if i find sample i like i double click or hit return.
depending on whether or not a sample in the instrument window was selected, this gets swapped or made into a new instrument. then the focus stays on the browser and the file list stays at the selected sample.

alternatively, if i use ALT + Tab to switch focus between disk browser and instrument window, then the file list also stays at the selected sample.

so i guess i don’t understand what you mean, or we just have completely different work flows.

I think what he means, and I’ve just checked operation is like he’s trying to explain and it is, is this:

Say you are loading some instruments and you are in a folder with a LOT of samples in it. Say, for example, you have a folder of 100 samples and you have been working through it and are at about the mid-point. You find one you like and load it. Now you have a DSP Chain saved you are pretty sure will go with this sample so you go to your DSP Chain, load it, then back to Samples you continue loading your samples.

Renoise will remember which folder you were in but not the last sample loaded or previewed. This means you will have to scroll down and try and remember where in the list of samples you have got to. BLT would like Renoise to go back to the same highlighted item within the folder, noy just back to the same folder, when changing views within the Disk Browser.

Hope this makes sense and is correct.

Oh and can somebody explain what they mean when they say samples are swapped if you double click and overwrite a sample already loaded. As far as I understood it just overwrites it, not swaps (as that would imply writing a copy to disk in the folder you have loaded the new one from.) This can make it a pain if you do it by accident. Sure you can Undo it, but if you don’t realise until a little later this can become a major pain of trying to remember which sample you used. A main sample library which all instruments refer to would be the best solution to this…

exactly! Thank you! :)

ok gotcha. guess that is usefull.