Do Not Wrap Mode When Editing Patterns

I’m still advocating for this feature. I think it is a big missing carry-over from some of the legacy trackers and many people still have workflows built off these older trackers. It seemed to have had a good amount of support from the thread I started a while back in the suggestions forum.

Here are my ideas attached in mockups… either a three-state icon that does not change color in any of its states (as it currently does).

Or a dropdown labeled something like “loop” or “wrap” that functions similar to the “FX” dropdown.
Contents of the dropdown could be something like:

-Wrap continuously between patterns
-Wrap within current pattern
-do not wrap

I don’t consider this high high priority but I will say for me personally it slows down my workflow in spots when there is no way to turn loop mode off while editing a pattern. Simply put, I have kb shortcuts I use to navigate around a pattern so I don’t want the program doing that for me.

Also attaching 3 icon concepts for the proposed 3-stater.
First one should be for “move continuously”
Second - familiar loop pattern icon
Third - no loop.

just ideas. Note I worked out the “no loop” icon a bit further from where I had it in the first mockup posted here. I think my second attempt as the single icon is a bit more clear and works well with the proposed “move continuously” icon. I think, IMHO having the third icon, instead of being confusing would help to explain the “move continuously” icon.

I know this is late in the game, but I wanted to let everybody else’s priorities go through before I pushed for this again, and I didn’t want to push for it again until I thought it out a bit more and had some concepts to possibly help move it along.

I find myself actually switching between the current loop modes, depending if whether I’m in the more writing stage of a song or mixing/effecting whats already there. If this third “do not wrap” option became available it would be also very helpful to have a kb shortcut to cycle through the three modes.

Further edit: instead of “loop”, the drop down in my mockup should read “wrap”

Thanks team for your late consideration on this.

I’m sure the devs have bigger problems, it wont be the end of the world for me if this isn’t done but I’ve gone through a lot explaining this request, it seemed to have a lot of support, the method of implementing was being discussed but never fully agreed upon. I posted here two possible ways this could be implemented.


if this suggestions thread is dead could it just be closed so we’re not given the perception that suggestions are still being taken?