Do U Use Templates? (startup Songs)

Who uses templates, i mean a startup song in renoise. I’d like to use one but maybe it’s easyer to just copy the habits of fellow renoisers who have more experience with using templates for songs.

I make music that concentrates more on the beats and drumparts. This what my thoughts were:

00 - 0A drumkit samples (hihats, kick, snare, cymbals, etc)
0B - 10 Sounds FX (background, beatFX)
11 - 1A melodic low freq sounds (bass, bass synths, dirty synths)
20 - 2A melodic high freq sounds (arpeggio, strings)


i dont quite get it… what you mean by startup song… or by template?

every song is different , at least it should be… :unsure:

You may create a template song that is loaded when you push “Zap all”.

I don’t use it though…

yes, as Bantai said, most of people use the template to have MIDI remote map settings already done.

I don’t have such a need so I personally don’t use this feature

Hm, why didn’t I think of that? :)

Funny thing… I had a UC-33 controller, but sold it 'cos Renoise didn’t support two midi-controllers… hehe.

Stupid me!

I guess that would be the only template I’d use, but since I use my sliders for so many different effects I fail to see the point…