Do We Need Instrument Properties?

I often want to change the properties now located in the “Sample Properties” for the entire instrument, not just the specific sample.
To put it in another way: I almost never want to change the specific sample’s property.

For example:
With a instrument, I would rarely want to set the NNA to Cut for sample a, Note Off for sample b, and Continue for sample c…?
I always want it to be the same for the entire instrument. With multi-sample instruments it takes quite some time to change this property for each and every sample (if there’s a easy way to achive this, please let me know).

Two possible solutions:

  1. When changing a value, you can somehow choose to apply the change to each and every of the instrument’s samples.

  2. Introduce a Instrument Properties panel similar to the existing Sample Properties panel.
    In the case of Amplify, Panning, Basenote and Finetuning, the Instrument Properties settings could complement the Sample Properties settings.
    Whereas the NNA, Loop and Interpolate values would override the values in Sample Properties if defined in Instrument Properties.

Good call!

  • OVER 9000

would be a useful modification for my workflow. :ph34r:

+1, I don’t see any logic in having to set NNAs for each individual sample either, this should be a per-instrument function (with optional per-sample override if really needed).

per-sample NNA is mostly (but absolutely not only) a must in drumkits. whem multilayering will be available, it will have even more sense to have per-sample NNA; that said, of course an overrideable per-instrument setting also makes lot of sense

For drum kits you are going to need the override. Most obvious example is open and closed hi-hats need to mute each other, but other drums, most noticeable the symbol due to its length, need to play over the top.

How about expanding this to Mute Groups. By this I mean each you can set each sample to be in a mute group, as standard all samples in an instrument would be in the same group, then you can set the NNA for that group instead. This would mean you could have hi-hats cutting hi-hats, snares cutting snares while still allowing a kick or symbol through.

Guess it’s not actually that important in Renoise though. More the kind of thing that becomes needed when limited to four tracks, like the old school trackers, or working with Programs like on an Akai MPC. With unlimited tracks and note columns you can just place hits where required.

Sorry for waffling on, then changing my mind but let me finish with a +1 for being able to set the instruments globally. Maybe setting it with the right mouse button can apply it to all samples in the instrument at the same time??

+1 I want this! could just be a little global tick box when checked applies the settings of that sample to all samples in the instrument, then uncheck it to change the properties individually. gets real tedious going thru each sample to set the panning or amplification when you want them all to be the same.

in my day dream, you can hold down shift and drag over a range of keys on the instrument settings piano roll and then any settings you adjust apply to the highlighted keys.

…including envelopes! :guitar:

I assume by “piano roll” you are referring to the piano keyboard in the Instrument Editor?

Yes, this sort of UI improvement is urgently needed. Having to assign a sample to half the keyboard by clicking on each individual key ONE BY ONE is a right pain.

My suggestion #2* would give more control over the instruments.
However, your suggestion seems a very good “quick fix”. It wouldn’t, I assume, take a lot of programming and wouldn’t make renoise even more complicated. I like it.
The biggest problem: You would often want the settings to be the same for the entire instrument. Except for the finetuning.

*Suggestion #2 as in:

I don’t agree that adding a separate Instrument Properties panel is the best solution, since this is a waste of screen space if it’s just going to duplicate the controls in the Sample Properties panel. I’d much rather see some kind of combo-box/selection widget to choose whether the adjusted settings are applied to a single sample or to all samples in the instrument.

Imo the biggest problem with an Instrument Properties panel is that it complicates things. And yes, it’s probably overkill. But would be useful for me.

Would be great if you could choose this for each property (and not all or none). The best idea so far, I guess.
But how? A check box for each and every property?

why not? checkboxes are tiny.

In my opinion, the instrument editor needs a rework/overhaul to be easy to work with. At the moment it’s the most difficult part of Renoise. I often avoid using it, as everything from the unlogical default setup of the filters to having to setup a bunch of samples in one instrument at the same percieved basenote, is a major hassle.

Not like these setting can be automated yet so right clicking isn’t doing anything special. Maybe a key plus button combination in case we do get automated finetuning etc in the future though…

I use this properties to EACH file… I really needed… but the option to replicate the changes to all the files will be cool…

but please, don’t remove that! :D

+10 :drummer:

Hello, this could be overcome by using a modifier key setting, where (…in sample properties…) mousepressing a parameter with ((4example)) Ctrl-key down, would affect the settings of the whole instrument, and withouth the modifier key pressed, only the selected sample…

But yea, both settings are needed… (finetune for the whole instrument for example, instead of finetuning just one sample per instrument etc. - at least when / if there is a beatslicing (…use *.rex / *.rx2 as an instrument spanned to different keys…) option, this would need to be implemented)