Do you have any luck with Rewire? Especially to / from Ableton

I love the concept of Rewire, but in practice it just ends up being a big pain. It’s mostly little latency issues that make me not trust it, even if I’m not using plugins that cause latency. And when I do use plugins that cause latency, it’s just kinda terrible.

Is anyone consistently using Rewire, especially with Ableton? I’ve tried it in both directions but always end up with weird latency problems, and I just don’t want to think about that stuff ever.

And how about Reason rewired into Renoise? I have Reason 4, which I haven’t installed on this machine… but I like the synths and would be interested in using it with Renoise. But I don’t want to bother if I’m just going to have the same weird Rewire issues.

I use rewire all the time, I just cut down on the latency inducing plugins in the slave