Do You Know A Good Software To Change Bpm Of A Sample ?

Hello :)

Do you know a software to increase or decrease the BPM of a sample (Time Stretching) ?

Thank you !

Both Acid and Ableton Live have pretty decent timestetch functions . I prefer ableton personally cause it has more options .

If you are on a Mac, there’s the free AUPitch that comes on every mac and works with Renoise 2.0 Beta

have you tried that out?
I just found it some days ago XD, and it helped me a lot :D

oh, I just remembered Audacity, but like I said, I use the timestrech in renoise.

Slice it into pieces with 09xx and do it manually.

There’s a couple of freeware doing it. But since I use ableton for that, anyway:

this one is free and can be interesting, it’s supposed to emulate the akai samplers timestretch.

I’d probably do it in SuperCollider since then I’d be able to fully control the character of the stretch

PaulStretch is cool if you wanna stretch reeaaally alot

Thank you very very much to all of you ;)

First I apologize because I didn’t thought Renoise could make it, and indeed i’d rather do it with Renoise, but unfortunately, I don’t understand very well english.

In the video posted by Rendemon (, I don’t understand how you choose the first value, and the last value. Someone could explain me please ?

Anyway thank you again, and I hope I can do it with Renoise :)

Surprisingly no-one has mentioned Sony Soundforge. V8 is again a stable release after the V7 disaster.