Do You Know Any Good Free Soft To Build A Song?

I need your help :)

i have hundreds of patterns and unfinished songs and i need a soft to arrange all that short extracts to build songs… Do you know any free softs because i don t want to buy acid liscence for that (i will use it 8 hours per year)

Good luck… free multitrack/arranger is hard to come by… have you tried rendering all patterns to sample and arranging in Renoise? :P

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about Reaper, which is very similar to ACID.

It’s technically not free, but it says on their website: “REAPER is available for download without technological limitations for evaluation purposes. Once you have evaluated REAPER, you should purchase a license.”

yes arranging in renoise is what i actually do but it s not very easy, it s not made for this because of the global vision of the arranger.

i ll try Reaper! thank you :)

Oh yes Dblue you rock!!! this soft is much better than acid!!! i m definitly convinced! really intuitive, easy, fast…

For free trakAxPC could be worth a look too:

arrangement is one of my weakpoints aswell, I usually spend a unnecessary amount of time on that, somehow I just can’t get it right in reasonable time. However, rendering and arranging in another soft wouldn’t work for me, I need to be able to change the transitions (means fill-ins, breaks etc.) between parts all the time. I really hate tracks where a loop just plays out and stops before a break, I always need to do something with these little parts.

Yeah, Reaper is what you need here.

I use it a lot now for recording my guitar.

It is nice as owt.

the Reaper’s stretch is absolutely powerfull… better than ableton’s one!! :P