Do You Know Of Any Females Who Use Renoise

as above! :blink:

I can’t think of a single female I know that does anything more CPU-intensive than AIM and internet surfing.

Other than maybe the occasional Photoshop.

I’m not sexist, I swear.

I know quite some female graphic-designers and djanes, two women that make music together with their boyfriends and one that recently came to me and asked for help because she wants to start remixing.

I know some who produce music with Cubase and FL. But none who use trackers.

LOL. Came to think of a story that a friend told me.

My firends father who was working as a programmer or something, was along with his coworkers exited one day when they found a female programmer was joining the team. It’s was supposed to be a gust of fresh air in a man filled office.

Well …He said she was a hell of a programmer, but not much of a woman :P cough

I am working with one female programmer here. Don’t know how good programmer or woman she is but atleast she is pretty and definitely does programming. :)

bah, you guys… don’t worry about being sexist…

I share a house with 3 women and they sure don’t make
a secret if being sexists… wondering all the time if there
are guys who like shopping as much as they do, if there are
guys who actually do their cleaning tasks in time, and so on…

none of them are into digitalism, though…

Believe it or not, in this city, out of all the people I know working as programmers, I know of more females than males.

I actually don’t think women exist at all. They are most likely a ghost story made up to scare kids.

I don’t know any female renoisers. I know a lot of females who pefectly dance to renoise tunes though :D

Youtube links plz ;)

actually its not about “beating” this or that. A LOT of those incredible success storys are based on “being in the right place at a right time” and only a few of them are really smart work + carefully planned and precisly executed business plans.
In fact almost all “from zero to hero” storys have very big random chance factor, its just good luck if you will. For example Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo! now for some 44 billion dollars. And those 2 guys who started yahoo made this web page “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web” back then for themselves just to play around, to keep track of their personal interests on the Internet. And only later when they saw how many visitors they have they realised the business potential and it took off. Most of the storys are like that.

Of course if you already have shitload of money then its a lot easyer to make money serve you. to let money make money and think some clever business plans, investments etc. But if you are starting from zero then its 99% beeing in the right place at a right time.

You know, 'cause the guys at Yahoo know absolutely nothing about the internet, and haven’t spent years working their business up from nothing. Way to shoot down the female entrepreneur btw. The fact is dude, it’s less about “being in the right place at the right time” and more about being able to see opportunities wherever you are. You can sit back and watch a million opportunities (which place you in the right place at the right time) and never grab on to any of them. In fact, everyone is faced with these opportunities every day, most just don’t rise to the challenge, or don’t have the skill needed to. Success stories like the ones Bantai posted have more to do with the person in question having a keen eye for people’s needs, and the determination, intelligence, and creativity to pull it off.

your theory says that if all peole would be little more active and ambitious etc then we could be all plain ritch and all have our incredible success story? I have to dissapoint you, this doesnt work that way, planet earth dont even have that much recources. there will ALWAYS be many poor people, middle class. few ritch and even less incredibly ritch people. If all people would be more creative and grab on to every opportunity then still some lucky ones would get their unbelivable success storys and majority wount.

There are so many poor peaople you dont know who work HARD to get somewhere and then comes along 15 years old teenybopper and she is just supergirl? no, its just she got lucky. I dont say that those peaple are stupid or anything, but its not fair to say that its just all down to persons abilitys. if you are starting your business from scratch, then the luck factor is very big. Even more so with those unbelivable storys when people with little effort got their business going bigtime and made millions very fast. those kind of storys are almost NEVER planned from scrach, they just happen. Like they say: “good things take time, incredible things just happen” or something along these lines.

I think Vaccine uses renoise

actually its a combination of what you two are talking about,…

if you are open to opportunities then you’ll notice when you are in the right place in the right time. just being there and not doing anything wont lead to great success unless you get off your ass and move. and that is where the hard work comes into it.

often times too many people are too ocupied with their own deficiencies that they dont do one or the other when one of the other comes about. then the momentum that comes with luck fades, or you get sucker punched by a determined 15 year old girl :P

back on topic,… nice find pussi! i’m liking vacine’s music.

No I’m stating that it’s not JUST luck that gets people like this rich. It’s also alot of hard work. Of course there’s the random luck element… but even if you get that perfect opportunity, it won’t go anywhere if you don’t work hard at it, or if you don’t know what you’re doing in the first place. So to sum up my point fairly simply: If that girl had no competency with computers, she wouldn’t have made it. Sure she was in the right place at the right time… but that doesn’t detract from Bantai’s “Beat this” 'cause obviously she didn’t just poof instantly become rich as she was sitting on her ass in front of the computer twiddling her thumbs. She worked hard, she knew her shit, and in her case, because of that added element of chance, it payed off.

Garph makes cool music; she entered some compo’s here too.

I think far more interesting than the question “why so few women?” is “why do the few show up so rarely?”… I have no idea, but I surely can’t blame them. People say a lot of shit on the net they would not say to a woman’s face, and other dudes much too rarely stand up for them in their absence. In big parts there is a quiet sexist consensus that often rears its ugly head, and much more so for those it’s directed at (mind you, the exact same is true the opposite way, sexism is NOT a purely male domain… but that doesn’t help at all, that just makes everything more complicated). Anyway, trying to objectively evaluate the “atmosphere” and mens behaviour would seem more productive to me than discussing women in their absence…

It’s probably because women are less interested in computer music production. Most of them prefer real instruments or no instruments at all. Also there seems to be some logic differences. The software is designed by men to men. Women, for some weird reason have more trouble grasping the concepts.