Do You Know Of Any Females Who Use Renoise

insight, gentlemen… they lack it ;)
it’s why all chesschampions are men

Wait, that does not compute… being a chess champion does not seem very insightful to me :lol:

I once tried… But chessboard is not an best instrument for computer music production.

The chessboard is the only place where I can claim to be king… ;)

yeah yeah, chaos theory… cause and effect…
there’s an exception to every rule :P

Bantai, you seem to be very knowledgeable in female achievements, are you feminist? :P

EDIT: and by the way, the page of chess grandmasters you linked is in category “FIDE Woman Grandmaster”. this is competition ONLY for female players, so there cant be any man holding that title :)

only SOME strong female players hold the unrestricted grandmister title, majority are still men. :)

Wow, sorry, but... that's exactly the kind of BS I was talking about. I know this stuff is supposed to be "just a joke", but when in 10 out of 10 cases there's barrages of these jokes they're not jokes anymore, they're an atmosphere. I'm not even thinking that this atmosphere repels females per se, it just puts a bubble of "nevermind the ape chatter" around them while they travel through testosterone town, and rightfully so, at least that's how I would react to it. I don't really want to think all that much about those actually im/oppressed by this "culture", pisses me off.

Who cares about who is best at a wargame? (hint, hint) What does this have to do with music… is it the hex code which is symbolic just like chess pieces are? Is it because you are usually lonely when you do it? Do you realize that huge parts of the infrastructure on which we play chess and musician are sustained by women? Why are so many men playing games while the women care for the sick and poor, to exaggerate just a tiny little bit?

Just a few female achievements, give me a f****ing break.

dude, you don’t score chicks with that attitude. ;)

especially cause they aint here. and if they aint here,
that means there are only guys here. and THAT means
this is blatant GUY talk. your friends do it, too.

besides, women can speak up for themselves where I come from.
and it’s ME that takes care of HER illness right now, so SSSH!!!

Very insightful comment ;)

Perhaps he doesn´t want to score chicks because he might be a she…

Well why so few women, there are more women using Cubase, but I think little of it has todo with the heritage that trackers came from a time when most computer users where men…

Also to generalize many women tend to like “warm” trackers look quite “cold” with their lines and hex numbers etc…

Mayhaps these women there is so much talking about is spending their time tracking, not bickering on the net like old hags? :P
That would be in character for the more technical women I know.
Now go look up some Bourdieau.

WTF. I wouldn’t “score” “chicks” if they payed me for it, and I don’t think I need your advice on that matter, sir.

No, really? That’s exactly what I was saying, that was the atmosphere I was referring to, stuff you wouldn’t say to a womans face, so why are you telling me this like it’s news for me? Just to have something to say, hmm.

If you drill down to it, that’s just an ad-hominem. You cannot just dismiss everything I said on the base of me being male. I’m not even saying what I said might not be full of holes, but this ain’t it heh. Besides, I was saying what annoys me, and that it wouldn’t surprise me if a quite a few women share some of that. I was also talking about male behaviour and specifically mentioned that it is silly to talk about women in their absence, so really, you basically said nothing at all with a patronizing tone, congrats.

Why shh? Where did I say men don’t do these things? I just said equaling “achievements” with some random useless crap is BS, and I stand by that.

I for one was just communicating with the author of a driver for my soundcard which doesn’t quite work when I dropped in to make some factual observations, which got laced with emotional venom upon realizing the casual sexist undertone :huh:

Johann, chill out man! why are you so angry? :) cant tolerate a few jokes? geeees… Dont act like a grumpy woman :P Even girls i know are more playful about all those “blond” jokes etc than you :)


btw… I count myself as a feminist btw, because I believe in gender equality… but that being said, I don’t count hatred towards males as feminism… that’s feminaziism… and I don’t like it… so, that being the case, why would I go discriminating against women when I don’t like it when they discriminate against me? … if there’s one thing that pisses me off to no end in society, it’s stereotyping and discrimination in all forms… and sexism is just plain stupid. For those of us that are heterosexual, we live with women, we apparently love them, we let them bring us pleasure, be there for us when our lives fall apart, and yet we seem to feel the right to knock them down at every turn? I’m starting to think the majority of sexist males must just be gay… either that or they’ve never heard the term “Don’t shit where you lay”. That aside, in my life I’ve met just as many intelligent, creative, and sane women as I have men.

pah - get back in the kitchen

hahaha I’m sorry Johann, I made a joke of getting under your skin and I shouldn’t have… I apologize… I’m an asshole when it comes to women, I generalize, I make sexist remarks, I joke about stereotypes, I generally enjoy it a LOT to piss em off by saying I’m against emancipation, that I don’t trust them, that I would chain them to the kitchensink if they gave me shit… I’m full of it! It’s tough guy’s talk, bullshit, whatever! Most of my friends know this and those who don’t are my favorite victims.

but reality is that I have a girlfriend who I love very much and I share my life with and I have many good friends who happen to be girls. I have 3 roommates, all girls, even my mum is a woman! Actually, you SHOULD take my advice on how to ‘score chicks’… I studied Pedagogy and Journalism and there were always WAY more girls than guys there… I’ve had my fair share of feminism and I love it too much to take a piss with it. As I have done above. And probably will do again before this topic gets out of hand or forgotten.

It’s actually extremely funny how men get really emotional when discussing about women, equality, feminism, female inventions, etc.

Same old story, seen that many times.

At the same time, women are discussing shoes in some women shoe forum. Or discussing how stupid men are in their studios making glitchy breaks or protecting female rights in Renoise forums… Stereotypes or not. This tends to be the reality. :)

i dont think i am dicriminative or hateful towords women, definately not. i have woderful girlfriend and all that.

But i think that women and men can never be totally “equal”, due to physiological and some psychological dfferences. Women cant be heavy construction workers or soldiers, well, they “can” but whats the point of that? Men on the other had can never give birth to children etc. There will always be some things where men are better and some where women have their advantages. Whats the point in striveing for ultimate “equalness”?? Do you even have genders in your perfect world? or humans are neuter gender in there and procreate through fission? :)
I think some people are already going too far with all that BS.
Whats the point in seting up “quotas” for female and male workesrs?
Men will be afraid soon to be a gentelman and open a door for some female, cause she might think he is being sexist and underestimates women, as she can perfectly open the door for herself. This have happend already btw.

What do you care? Well, not telling me how to act would be a good start to chill me out, the next step would be to argue a point, instead of implying the only reason to be annoyed by casual sexism is to be a woman that is not sexually attractive. By the way, a lot of females share this opinion, and they suck in mine. I don’t know what women want, I know what women I want haha. I want women that would not put up with this shit.

So? I’m also playful about jokes about men. Just not playful about men belittling women like it ain’t no thing. The really strong ones would laugh, but not with you, at you. Srsly.

This “guy talk” in RL just means that I mark a person as not really intelligent/trustworthy. I usually don’t bother to fight it unless I really like the people involved. But why not at least give it a shot in text form. Seems to have been futile because people ironically pile my angry undertone more than to what I said (this is geek zone, right? where’s the geek then??).

This girl uses Renoise. I know, because I showed her it years ago.

She is my ex-girlfriend from when I used to live in England.

And Johann, this may be shocking to you but girls (especially beutiful and nice ones, not grumpy old maids) actualle ENJOY this type of behaviour that BotB just described. Its called being playful and teasing. You will actually score a lot more chicks with this than with your equality talk lol :D Be a man, women LIKE that. dont be a jerk of course though…