Do You Like The Look Of Melodyne's Direct Note Access?

Check this shizza out people:

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waves restoration bundle been doing that for years,

Noise reduction / decrackling / de-humming etc is not new or exciting technology imo, a lot of packages offer it (…t=1&rpp=100 )

Hehe, the first time I used real FFT based noise reduction was more than 10 years ago in Cool Edit. Jonas is right, most of this has been there for a long time by now.
But I found the sprectral repair very interesting. That was new to me.
Also the way it’s used to fill gaps is quiet impressing. So thanks for the info, Byte.

I hate the look of the Melodyne Software (honestly, it’s awful).

Well the spectral repair is the new feature here… as far as I know it’s never been done before… filling gaps and such without artifacts is something I’ve never seen before. After having messed around with it a bit, it really does open alot of doors.

yeah the spectral repair thing is cool, wavelab 6 also has it ( )

Does wavelab also have de-clipping?

doesn’t audition have all of this too ?

It has a spectral view which allows you to select specific frequency/time-ranges and apply any effect to it and it definately has a declipping-effect which works really well.


when adobe entered the audio market with ‘sound booth’

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i think they set a new standard in the restoration market, and its soooo much cheaper than izotope’s rx

to sum up, its the shizzle dizzle

They had “vocal eliminators” 30 years ago, which removed vocals from tracks for karaoke purposes. I’m not sure if it just uses filters, or if it uses something like melodyne

those vocal eliminators are nothing but simple stereo phase cancellation. They don’t really work all that well for mixes that don’t have the vocals in the center ;)

… and to the rest of you… thanks for the links. I didn’t know a lot of these products existed, I’d figured Izotope was doing something new… but it seems these techniques have been around for a while :)

after looking at soundbooth’s spectral repair, it doesn’t seem nearly as sophisticated as the one in RX… but it’s still a better buy if you want an all-in-one app

what i like about Melodyne (just tried the demo) is its ability to alter existing sounds pretty drastically, without it ending up sounding like shite. You can change the pitch of a sample so much and it maintains the sound and tempo of the original…if anyone knows of other software that can do that feature as well, i’d love to hear about it.

Sounds like izotope is doing something new, after all :)