Do You Remember Love?

Hey guys, long time lurker here. Finally finished my second complete song in Renoise so I wanted to share it. I was going for a retro 80s summer vibe with this one, hope you like it. Cheers! :walkman:

I like it. Nice summer vibe! :)

Hey thanks very much! ;)

This reminds me of a pretty girl and I feel good.

Excellent track mate! Love the sound.

I like it, too, but please low-cut kick and maybe bass.

Addictive. Ramping up ur playz!

Yeah. I remember. :)

Enjoyed the song. Nailed the summer vibe. Good work!

Woah, thanks so much guys! This has inspired me to keep up work on my next track. :walkman:

I need to try and add more variation though…

Jurek, sorry but please could you explain what low-cut kick and maybe bass means? Sorry I’m a newb :D

He means there is a little to much lo-end (bass frequenties) in your mix.
When the bass and kick come in. They, indeed, pump a little on the hard side.

Some effects that may help out:

EQ 5 or EQ 10 can be used to cut down on some of the low end on the bass and kick tracks. Incidentally, you should have dedicated tracks for your kick, snare, and hi hats, never have them on the same track.

Also, using a compressor on the kick can make it sound punchier too.

Ah, OK thanks guys. I’ve already got the kicks, snares and hi-hats on seperate tracks, but they’re grouped together in a percussion group.

I’m currently using the EQ10 effect on the master channel, guess I should try using it on the kick channel seperately then. I think I got a bit carried away with the bass ducking using the signal follower too :D