Do You Smoke?

what do you, or do you not smoke, while tracking?

smoke is an horrible plague. I would kill everyone who smoke, so pay attention kaneel :)

He’s French, so I’d say it’s ok. ^^ :P


Real musicians smoke…

I’ll have to pay attention too, I guess… :P

2-3 Packages a Day.

Absolutely disgusting habit. I wish it would just disappear forever. I really don’t understand why, in this day and age, with all the knowledge and medical history that is available to us, why people even choose to start this stupid activity.

Full ack. But I know why I smoke. It’s because nobody loves Tracne and Shakey ;)

I smoked for 8 years then I gave up about 5 years ago. God I miss smoking. It is like life’s punctuation, that 5 minute break out of every half hour. And you develop strange friendships with the other deviants who are forced to huddle together in the cold to enjoy their habit.

Now I smoke a good cigar maybe once every couple of weeks because that’s what the rich, successful folk recommend… But to be honest, if I didn’t have a family and a growing sense of mortality, I’d be back on 20 Marlboro Mediums a day and very happy about it too.

I sincerely hate those knights of morality who are bashing on every smoker, mind your own business…

"Here’s a fact for you …

non-smokers die every day."


"People who smoke always tell me… ‘you don’t know how hard it is to quit smoking’.

Yes I do.

It’s as hard as it is, to START flossing.

‘Man, you look tense’

‘Yeah - i’m about to floss’ "

-Mitch Hedberg

bill hicks ftw :yeah:

“yeah, i get through 2 lighters a day! smoking is essential to tracking!”

a bit extreme, but it was the closest thing to what i do ;D

Haha, great! :D

“only ‘special/organic’ cigarettes!”


Mitch Hedberg = Legend!!

If you want to smoke, live in a smelly cloud and die of breath cancer, it’s entirely your business, but if you pretend to smoke where there are other people, then is their business too. this detail seem to be overlooked by most smokers.

If someone minds, they just have to mention it. They never do…

ok, I stop it here…

I clicked the ‘only ‘special/organic’ cigarettes!’, if that means the occasional joint in the weekend.