Do You Use The Autoplay Song Feature?

I disable it

Disable! Disable! Disable! :D

When I’m working at a song I mostly hit the space bar to stop it
but an option to keep renoise playing at load is a must for me
with live performances I want to have the space between two songs as small as possible.

also with rehearsals with the band it will give me some time to correct some hardware thingies while loading a song.


O yeh, also with beatbattles the autoplay function is handy when listening al the entries

I disable it. When playing live back to back with my mates, the last thing I need is for sound to be blurting out whilst others are playing, plus playback is only a spacebar away!


No, and it sure surprised the neighbors when I loaded whitenoisef_ckupsfromhellwithmustard.xrns at 3AM last night. :D

my perception
Autoplay Song = always disabled, no chance of utility/usefulness
Autoplay Samples = mostly disabled, little chance of utility/usefulness


ROFL² ! :D

Nope, never ever autoplay for me in Renoise. I would consider creating an template that loads on Renoise startup though - that could be handy. But for now I haven’t changed anything.

Autoplay samples is more useful but now there’s a way to play the sample by keyboard (even though I haven’t succesfully tried it out yet) I will probably disable “autoplay samples” as well. I’m a control freak. ;)

I disabled it sometimes and sometimes i enable it. But generally there is not much difference in loading a song and then manually activate songplay.

Ok, make it disabled by default.
but keep the feature for at least your old pal Dr. Drips.

like I said previously, sometimes the autoplay is very handy.

i agree drips.
it should be available but disabled by default

Yes, it is handy. But it doesn’t work reliably (and it’s not our developers’ fault: it’s just that some plug-ins say that they ended up initializing while they haven’t; and at the very beginning all plug-ins, even the usually suspended ones, are awake - so my Pentium M often cries for help). That’s why I turn it off.

yes, make it disabled by default.

Same! Certain songs of mine will crash my machine if autoplay is enabled so I disabled this feature as well.

I don’t recall which VST was the culprit, but it was easy enough to just disable since I really don’t have to rely on this feature personally.

34 to 4 is quite clear. Thanks for the feedback. The autoplay feature is now disabled by default but still available.

i is #35

but i dont believe it should be removed because, some ppl do use it.

its completely offtopic, but what i do think should be removed is mute/unmute from being in the undo list. its one thing thats been driving me kwazzy!

Disabled too. Of course being the Ft2 fanboy that I am, I would prefer the olden way which is: play the new song if the old song was playing when you clicked to load the new song. You know, just obeying the current on/off state of playback.

Autoplay is a neat feature so shouldn’t be abandoned but rather just disabled by default. For example it might be handy to use autoplay in a presentation involving Renoise. :yeah:

Perfect. :)

Usually, I disable the “autoplay” because the CPU-Usage is too high anyway after loading a song and initiating those VST(i)-DLLs.

Yup, I like to let my comp “calm down” a bit before playing. :P
Also, even when in beatbattles I like to play a bit with the samples before I listen to the track.

We’re really going for the details here? Nicccce.