Do You Use The Clipboard-feature?

I never did yet. And after having a look into the manual i know why. The clipboard just stores your selection range into a buffer.

This is not something i really need, as i alway set my selection manually before i copy/paste/whatever (thankx to renoise’s nice shortcuts :). But it would get really really useful to me if it would also store the current Songposition and the current selected track. Maybe even the current line.

That way i could copy certain tracks from one pattern to another much more quickly and would not have to Jump around in the song by hand all the time, but just switch the clipboard instead.

I guess most of you know that situation when you want to reuse a “more than one pattern lasting” baseline/drumarrangement/whatever in a later part of the song. You have to copy each single track, this is buggin me since FT2. Or is there another workaround?


I’m not sure I get you completely, but here are some ideas:

  • when moving stuff between two patterns in different sections of the
    song, navigate faster by inserting the destination pattern temporarily
    next to the source pattern.
    useful patternsequencer shortcuts:

  • if you’re copying several tracks that lie next to each other, use block copy.
    useful shortcuts: ctrl+B/E begins/ends selection blocK at current cursor position.
    ctrl[+shift]+tab moves in whole tracks
    home/end moves to the top and bottom of the current track

example: go to the first track you want to copy, home, ctrl+B, end, ctrl+tab X times, ctrl+E, ctrl+C

this would copy all the tracks at once.

if the tracks are not next to each other, but close, then perhaps it will be useful to move them next to each other first.

I still think it’s a great idea remember the songpos/currentrack/currentline by the clipboards.

I guess i am a lazy one, because even with your suggested hints (i am used to these allready, though) i find it too much extra work :D

Nobody voted so far, so i guess most poeple do not care about the clipboard feature at all?


I find the connection clipboard <-> songpos extremely unintuitive.
A better solution to your problem would be an additional feature
to store and recall songpositions. Like setting “flags” in particular
places and quickly jumping between them.