Does A "normal" Sub Base Speaker Do The Job?

I have a question…

I have tannoy monitor speakers that aren’t really big enough to produce the lowest frequenties. I make techno and with that kind of music bass is really important.

Using a sub bass speaker from my surround installation in my living room does that do the job?

It is a active sony speaker with a filter and volume control on it. I am afraid it will do damage to my mix, but it can allso be that it doesn’t really matter that this speaker isn’t a real monitor because of the small frequentie area it works in.

Does someone know the answer thanks in advance…

I see… you people love to see me walking 2 stairs with a sub woofer on my back and… back again when it doesn’t work.

Those sub-bass speakers which come with surround are, in a word, shit. I have used ROCK brand ones (cheap asian imports which look like old Creative branding) and similar fads, all I can say is, poor dynamic range, they distort like a mofo at anything approaching a satisfying volume. You might get some amplification if you chucked it in a cardboard box with a hole in it :)

I recommend you buy some in-ear headphones and use those, you’ll get all the bass you’re meant to hear. Mine are the in-ear ones made for Sony-Ericsson phones with the phone adapter. About 65 AUD I think. You will need a 3.5mm stereo headphone extension cord, since the phone adapter has most of the cable length. The SE’s are very good for blocking out noise and giving you the kind of bass that makes you think someone else is stomping around in the room.

Bonus: you can track all night and no bitching from neighbours.
Another bonus: you can get bursts of pleasure without taking drugs :)

no idea on the whole sub thing,…

but i agree with marty, i got a pair of Sony MDR EX85LP in-ear headphones, and they do the job really well.

they cost me US$50 cos i live in a country that is in the middle of nowhere so the merchants can charge as much as they want, but they should be cheaper online elsewhere.

you can actually feel the bass in your brain, especially on a sub 30hz sine wave. :P

you should be able to find them in any sony outlet.

If the cabinet is small, the sound will be fake–it will be tricking your ears. Sure, you can hear the overtones of the bass, but they’re not the real resonance of the low tones. Bass takes space to resonate correctly, unless you’re wearing headphones.

The bigger the cabinet, the lower the resonance the cabinet can carry. If you want something that can go all the way down to 20hz, you’re going to need a pretty big cabinet. Bose does a really good job CHEATING people’s ears, which is why when you see Bose home theater displays, you can ONLY hear the music/movies they want you to hear, because other types of music or sound can show the REAL deficiencies in the bass range.

Most clubs dont go below 50hz, so just use your Tannoys, and an analyser.

You will be fine.

?? most clubs don’t go below 50hz? What?

Maybe 40hz, but 50? I disagree, especially if the clubs are playing hip-hop or rap, which VERY often go below 40hz.

I’ve heard a number of studio monitors go down to 40hz–it may be slightly fake in resonance, but it can at least be heard.

If there’s nothing below 50hz in a club, don’t go there.

I’ve been to a couple of clubs that only had below 50hz

I thought you were far to busy to go to clubs

You have answered your own doubts right here…

Thanks you all for your advice.

I keep on using my tannoys without the subwoofer…
And listen my amount of bass through my headphones.

Many thanks to all of you.

another suggestion is stop making techno turn to ambientronic music. :P

because ambientronic has no bass frequencies…? ;)

im sure it does but you don’t need the thump…
well actually you do cause you gotta fake that heartbeat sound you know… :)