Does anyone know how to vary speed?

I’m writing a piano piece in Renoise at the moment, and I want to put in some nice emotive pauses, but the only control I’ve found to modify speed so far is F1xx . Unfortunately, this command doesn’t give me enough control and makes it really obvious that I’ve stuck a pause inbetween notes. Changing the actual track speed has much the same effect. Does anyone know a way around this so that a pause can be created that sounds natural?

Thanks :)

I’m finishing a(nother) piano-based tune here, and I feel fine with F0XX command, which works exactly as the old Amiga Fxx worked
(F000 - F01F: changes speed, F020 - F0FF changes BPM).

While I’ve been using FastTracker 2 (1996-2002), I also used the pattern delay command EEx, which delays the pattern flowing of x lines, id est as if there were x empty lines to be read by the tracker.

Since there is not such command in ReNoise, I just use empty lines when needed, which give exactly the same result.

Actually, I’m wondering what exactly are you searching for :blink: :)

Piano tracking can be very convincing: if you can’t wait for my next tune (you can’t, can’t you? :rolleyes:) , you can listen to my La Terra e il Tempo (OGG file), which makes massive use of piano, expecially in middle part, and uses this tecnique for pauses.

Since there is not such command in ReNoise, I just use empty lines when
needed, which give exactly the same result.

of course there is one in renoise. its fdxx and works exactly like in ft2 :)

btw… I would love a speed(/bpm) automation, put in the master track or something :rolleyes:
I’ts a lot easier to vary the speed this way.


oh my… !!! :o

seems like I really got to read that HELP file from beginning again! :D

Anyway, you made me happy with this command :P

oh yes, it is soooo simple to make an old-tracker happy :)

and yes: a speed automation would be a cool feature.

On an second thought, it would be apparently very difficult to use such a feature in ReNoise, because you can’t draw very precise envelopes:
a BPM envelope is expected to let you easily set a point at an integer value between 32 and 256… could we expect such precision using ReNoise envelopes?

In general, a keyboard driven envelope editing would be beautiful (moving points with arrow keys instead of mouse).

In general the envelopes really have to be far more precise in renoise!Zooming and maybe an option to expand the automation window?
I hope this is somewhere in the todo list :)


Thanks very much for the feedback. I’ll try those new commands and see how I go :).

I was also thinking a speed automation filter would be useful, and would allow you to create nice natural pauses. I’ll go and put it on the request list.

It-Alien - I’ve downloaded your tune but can’t get the .ogg format to play. What media player do you normally use to play this format?


OGG files can be played by WinAmp 2.81 or later, but I suggest you to check

which is a small
MOD XM IT S3M MTM MP2 MP3 M3U OGG WAV WMA (phew :o ) player , FAAAAAR better than WinAMP when it comes to module playing.

more info about OGG format at Vorbis homepage.

Basically, OGG is a lossy compression which performs much better than MP3, and is also an open format.

Obviously, because it came after MP3, it is out of the market standards, but it is quite diffused nowadays