"does Not Dance"

Here’s my first creation with Renoise while getting myself up to speed with it recently: Does Not Dance v1.10.

Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome, and it’s perfectly okay with me if you don’t like it and/or think it sucks. As I said in my introduction thread, I’m merely a hobbyist.


ey remst8,

sounds like you had some fun with the pitch sliding patterncommands on a looped sample :slight_smile: Other then this though the loop doesn’t really evolve beyond beat work. You could add some dsp/fx or vst’s, for example on that scratch like solo and automate diferent parameters increasingly over time, for more dramatic effects or timbre changes. Depending on where you want to go musically, you could also add some more sounds to spice things up. A bassline, some melodies, some vocals, effects etc etc…
Cutting/muting the beats to bring new sounds to the foreground is also an idea to keep things fresh and less boring.

Sounds like you got the beatwork basics done in this, just need to elaborate and spend more time working things out.



Thanks for the feedback!

Close! That “bwoooooorrrrr” sound after the percussion build-up was created by taking a tightly-looped section of an electric guitar, pitch-bending it downward in a track, then rendering the selection to a new sample (I LOVE that feature). It isn’t looped. All variations of that sound are manipulations of that one sample with effects commands–prodigious use of b0/b1, 01xx/02xx, and 09xx (of course). Oh, and volume modulation as needed.

This is true. For the most part, I was just playing around to see what range of new sounds/mangleness I could get from that one sample through just the effects commands. I think I’ve pretty much got that covered, so it’s time to move on. :D

That’s a good suggestion, and definitely worth exploring. I occasionally get myself stuck by thinking “that sounds pretty cool–I don’t wanna mess it up by fiddling with too many knobs”, so I leave it alone…and then I get used to hearing it sound a certain way…so the thought never crosses my mind that it could actually use more effects. The other concern is that once I do start fiddling with the knobs, I could find myself stuck in a rut by repeating the same pattern over and over, with the only variation being the knob-tweaking. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that! I have enjoyed countless hours of DJ sets that do pretty much that. I just have a bad history of getting myself stuck in loops, so I’m trying to avoid falling into that trap.)

I think I’ll attempt to explore applying VSTs/effects in the places where I currently recycle existing patterns. That should help spice things up a bit while keeping me from going astray.

I agree that there isn’t much musical “merit” in its current state. I’m torn between keeping it simple and adding more sounds (bassline/melody/basic chords). I had reached a tipping point where I could have added those things, but doing so would have meant a greater investment of time than I had available. I wanted to reach a point of “completion” for the sense of accomplishment and so I could feel free to move on to the next tune without leaving this one “incomplete”. So, I called it “done enough” for the time being. I obviously went back and did some tweaking to get up to v1.10, so it’s very likely I’ll do more work before the v2.00 “final release”. (Software engineer background showing… :rolleyes: )

That’s a good suggestion, and addresses a weakness of mine. I’m still (obviously) working on overall structure, and need to build up my skills for moving sounds to the foreground/background to keep things fresh.

Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions!


kompressor does not dance.

seriously though, I enjoyed this.

:lol: :lol:

I reckon, all it needs, is variation on the beat. Following the rhythms of the broooooooaaw sound.
Also what plug expert said about cutting little bits out to emphasize ideas. This is always a good way to find new ideas, and move on, accenting motifs or rhythms which you may not have realised could have great influence over the progression of the piece. Its also a great way to trick the mind into drops.
Maybe a Lowpass on the Broooaw as well, this will leave space for other ideas in the mix, like an eerie drenched melody.
All in all, its a good start.

Oh, snap! :o :lol:

I did not mean to steal portions of song titles from Kompressor! (Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve listened to that stuff…)


I do have some small variations, but they’re a bit subtle, and are generally unconnected to the rhythms of that sound. That’s a great suggestion to create a synergy between them.

All good stuff. Thanks!

Ooooh, I like that–particularly for shifting attention to new sounds. Simple, yet effective.

Thanks again!


Recently hitting by mistake the Enter on numpad while playing a pattern I found two or three interesting ideas… The repeating of these syncronized patterns bits sometimes suggests nice variations (expecially after buying the full version, when Render to Sample can really change a lot of things ^_^)