Does Renoise Have Bus Tracks Or Something Similar?

Is there any way to do busing in Renoise? Basically, I would like to apply the same effect to a series of tracks.

Yes. They are called sendtracks. They are the rightmost tracks - there are 2 of them by default. More can be added the same way you add regular tracks. To bus a signal from a track to a sendtrack, use a *senddevice under the Meta-Devices.

Thank you kindly for your fast response. Sorry for being stupid, but how do I add a SendTrack? I am bad at figuring things out :)

get your cursor on a sendtrack and press ctrl+T
or just click your right mouse button above a sendtrack and select insert or duplicate track.

o,yeh, when you don’t have a sendtrack, you can also stand on the mastertrack.

more on tracks routing: