Does Renoise Offer Midi Control?

I couldn’t find anything about this in a search of the forums nor on the website proper… so i’m wondering, can I use a MIDI controller within Renoise or is it all keyboard and mouse? I just want to assign a controller to VST parameters or track volumes or possibly transport, etc. in most sequencers, you just enter a specific assign mode, click the item you want to assign to, move a MIDI control (knob, fader, switch, etc.) and BAM! it’s assigned. I don’t see anything like this in Renoise…but hopefully I’m just missing it.

thanks in advance!

You mean this? (Works for DSP, meta and VST devices):

You can find this on this page:

Though some images are scaled if they are too large. The problem with the scaling routine of the tutorial site is that animated images are reduced to only the last frame of the animated image.
If you click on the scaled image, you will see the full image and if this one is animated, you’ll also see the full animation.

awesome! just what I was looking for…well, mainly. there’s some things I don’t see yet, tho…like how to assign a note or CC to mute/solo a track or how to assign CC’s to a VST or VSTi. is this possible?

You can send MIDI CC commands either using pattern effect commands ( )

 * MIDI / VSTI commands in panning column  
 o 90 - Send CC Change, value in the effect-column (XXYY, XX = controller, YY = value)  
 + Controllers  
 + 01 - MOD wheel   
 o 91 - Pitchbend, value in the effect-column (XXYY, XX global range, YY = finevalue)  
 + XX - 40 = center value, 40 - 7F = pitch-up, 40–01 = pitch down  
 + YY - 00 - 7F = finevalue range.   
 o 92 - Program change, value in the effect-column (usually the last two bytes are used only (00 - 7F)   

Use them in the panning column of the last note column in the track (which is always next to the first effect column) then insert the CC value into the effect column.

You can also use a MIDICC device in the Meta device list to send CC commands to VSTI’s.
Currently sending MIDI CC commands to VST effects are not yet possible, however assigning MIDI controls to VST parameters can make up a bit for the loss.

The rest you have to do through automation which enables you automating VST parameters. For each VST parameter, an automation tag is created in the automation list.
Or sending Effect commands to the VST effect for the required parameter (which has some limitations ofcourse)