Does Renoise Works On Linux? Anyone Know?

does renoise works on linux? anyone know?

someone has managed to run it on linux using WINE, that’s for sure, but I would never use it, as WINE really slows it.

Probaboly the best alternative on Linux is Skale tracker, at the moment

thanx for the info ;) i used sk@le tracker for quite a time, but of course it’s a step backwards if you would compare it to renoise :P

just wondering though, because i don’t like my windows a lot, being curious about linux. would fruity loops work on linux? anyone?

yoou can run renoise on linux using cedega, its a very very heightened version of wineX which forked fron the standard wine. but it’s utterly useless because of some graphics lib problems.

just wait till osX86 comes, i would say by next year it will be capable to run on generic pc’s. f*ck bill gates.

I’ve just downloaded the latest wine CVS and installed renoise…

At first sight :

  • it installed without any problems at all (only tried the unregistered version)

  • Renoise starts up just fine

  • The GUI (including scopes,drawing envelopes/automation - perfect!) works correctly for about 98% and is FAST too :)

  • Audio works, but it’s choppy. I’ll try to investigate this further. I’ve tested wine+renoise on a laptop with an evil onboard soundcard…

It doesn’t work perfectly (especially the choppy audio spoils the fun), but i’am suprised it runs this well anyway! I have some hope for the future :) It still has quite a way to go, but i’ll keep trying CVS versions of wine, and hopefully, spot some improvements …

Of course a real port to Linux would be awesome. With the MacOS X version ready, would it be that hard to create a Linux port? I’am not a coder, i’am only wondering. They are both pretty much UNIX…


it was fun persuing this avenue.
i would suggest trying out the wine to jack plug if your using a debian core its in the repository. also maybe if you havent already try one of the low latency kernels. could speed things up for you.
i was successfull with both knoppix and phlak, both debian core.

oh yeah, the idea of the devs building or porting to the linux enviroment, would be completely counter-productive for renoise as a whole. i know that sounds like rubbing salt into an open wound but, for real the only way 99.9% of linux apps survive is by being open source. an i highly doubt that to ever happen. with all of the dependencies and the very fast rate of global development it would be mind boggling for them to keep up without opening up the source. the path they chose with building a version for osx is indeed one of the best things they could have done

hey btw what wm an distro are you using?.

Hi Choice,

No luck so far…I’ve installed jack, installed realtime-lsm and recompiled wine to support the jackd daemon. The only problem is that wine refuses to use jack properly.

When i enter ‘wine Renoise.exe’, the following ‘error’ appears:

“This sound card’s driver does not support direct access
The (slower) DirectSound HEL mode will be used instead.”

As far as i can tell, this is bad news :) The audio performance sucks, so i guess i’ll have to try something else. I will continue experimenting… I might try some audio oriented Linux LiveCD and see how things work out using that…

I understand your point of view, but i really wouldn’t mind to see Renoise as an closed source Linux application. I would pay for it without thinking … I’am not sure how much overhead this would cause for the development team, but ain’t the most important libraries (and API’s) pretty solid these days? I’am not sure how many MacOS X users are out there using Renoise, but are there not at least the same amount of Linux users out there wanting to have a native version of Renoise for their OS? I might be all wrong…

I’am using Gentoo + the latest gnome (2.12)

Best regards,