Does Someone Have The Textures-folder For Modulr-alterego

as i cant seem to read the themes for renoise thread,i was wondering if there is someone who has the texture folder for the theme modulr-alterego??

Most of these are included anyway now in Renoise, just browse the included themes and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

i know they are they,but i cant choose em from the drop down menu,i can only choose like 6-7 themes

xp,jeans,osx etc

Wrong window.

  • Click [Disk Browser] at the top next to [Track Scopes]
  • Click the radio button for [Theme] under [Sample]

There should be a list of many to choose from. If not, click the [||.] button under the [house] button which will take you to the library folder where the included themes are located.

That’s the texture selection and not the themes. Open the disc browser and switch it to themes on the left side. The modulr themes use the clean texture set, which is included in Renoise. Nothing missing.

thanx guys,i havent tried what you have suggested here,i will try tonight :D