Doing An Album Entirely In Renoise...

I started with the idea that Renoise would force a certain portion of my brain to think differently, something far from the usual timeline I work with. What I didn’t expect was to be able to do so much and have so much fun doing it solely ‘by the numbers’ as a friend of mine describes working with Renoise. I’ll post the entire thing once it’s done. Free download and all that.

Thanks to the Renoise team for making such a great tool.


Here’s a sample.

Yes, I reckon I’ve been more productive on Renoise than anything else. And if it wasn’t for renoise, I probably would have left the linux world too.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be good to move over to using Live or something, but I’m not really into the piano roll/midi grid thing any more. If I migrate to a win/mac system I’ll still stick with Renoise.

I like it. Great track(part) at 2:25 :)