Doing Good


I gotta give you guys credit. When you iron the bugs out of this thing, it is gonna be 1 killer application. It is really nice to get away from horizontal sequencer editing, and Renoise really causes you to think differently.

And I have not used loops in years (that i did not create) but this thing really breathes new life into your typical boring loop. And i find it oddly ironic that I am running big dollar soft synths in a sequencer that cost about as much as 2 large pizzas, American. If you guys can keep the costs down, you are gonna humiliate some very fancy programs.


Reaktor, despite the awkward way it interfaces, works reasonably well if you open the editor, set up part of an ensemble, close the editor and open it again, and when it opens it is then better situated in the screen.

So, open and close the editor 2 or 3 times, and Reaktor will settle in just fine. And hearing Reaktor in this tracker format is very exciting. Not as convenient as instant synth gratification, but as you will probably not be using too many tracks, it is not so hard to tolerate.

i agree with you completely

ive completely changed the method in which i make music because of renoise
and my friends actually tole me its sounding really professional now

and also using reaktor inside renoise with the program change command is very nice indeed, there is an ocassional sound of other presets and clicks but i think with time these will be fixed and renoise will be a Top contender

Sorry can’t help it, must say: “Renoise is The Alpha and The Omega”