[done 2.5] Sidechain - Will It Come Yes Or No?

Hi everyone! Sorry to be a pain but I’m sure I’m not alone and I do know this has been asked a gazillion of times.

Does someone know if real sidechaining has been abandoned in Renoise or is this still coming?
What is the status of it?

Thanks for any reply in advance.

Nobody knows. We shall watch, and pray. ;)

/me cross a lot of fingers

What is this huuuuge fascination with sidechaining on this site?

It helps a lot with doing mixes where you want your kicks to reach full scale on every beat.

By not using side chain, you miss out on a whole world of sound manipulations like:

-a whole world of Dynamics (Ducking, Compressing, Envelope followers, Mixing, …)
-Various effects (e.g. Z3ta+, Virus TI, …)
-Use Midi notes, chords, pitchbend to trigger effects on a track

If you do electronic music like House, Trance, sidechaining is essential to get modern sound.

The current LFO and trigger method works ‘okay’ for pumping effects, a real sidechain compressor does that just better.

A small example

Yes, this is a frequently requested feature. And, yes, it would be useful. Like many, many other features that have been suggested over the years.

But in my opinion, the first question should always be: “Will I bother to get and use already existing side-chaining VST plugins, yes or no?”…I mean, why spend time on inventing the wheel? The same goes with reverbs, compressors, eq’s, expanders, samplers, synths, etc.

although you are right in the specific case of sidechaining, we should look it from a wider perspective: sidechaining is only one of the possible implementations of a wider concept which is the ability to route signal among the tracks. instead of sidechaining, I would like to have this ability in Renoise, which would let people to make sidechaining, but also many other things

Well I do fine without it. ;)

And how is that relevant?

@Trancender : the problem with VST is that they don’t exist on every platform. There are already quite a few interesting LADSPA/DSSI/LV2 plugins, and the devs did some great work so we can have seamless integration of LADSPA and DSSI in renoise.

Yet, opensource implementations of some major effects are still missing (sidechain compression being one).

And yes, it is possible to run windows VST in linux, but the process is painful.

@IT-alien : can you elaborate ? sounds interesting

the cross-track routing has been asked several times and basically would allow to use a metadevice (for example: the Hydra) in a track to control a parameter (for example: the track volume) of another track.

In that you don’t need sidechaining to do those things mentioned.

Then you would have to do a lot of cumbersome tweaking.

The more I have learned about mixing the past year does make native sidechaining on top of my wishlist too, if there’s no immediate plans to get this native I’d have to buy a plugin as I’m definitely not the cumbersomer tweaker if avoidable. I guess that’s why others would like an answer to this question.

Sorry, but Renoise never answers these questions. It’s been like this for almost 10 years.

The only way to know is to wait and see.

I think most users here didn’t experience the possibilities using sidechain. That’s why it’s not seen as being useful. I’m pretty sure once you tasted the possibilites it’s disappointing to live without.

It’s 2009, not 1999 and almost any other sequencer out there supports sidechain these days. There is a reason for that. Technology and effects moved on to create new creative ways in music, or use new technology to enhance good old production techniques.

Renoise never responds with promises is the better phrase… answers did came eventually… Also on biggies like recording samples natively in Renoise, plugin delay compensation, rewire. Requested a lot, got implemented as well.

Yes, and from that comes inspiration and creativity.

There has been pretty amazing music made with out ‘sidechaining’, or even using computers. If we all use the same ‘functions’ to replicate certain types of sound then we are all going to sound similar.

Once sidechaining becomes available, lets place a bet on how many new songs for demo by users are going to have this new ‘sound’ within them… ^_^

From functionality comes complacency… :D

Side chaining is not a ‘one trick pony’. Side chaining like any other tool can be used creatively. Having more tools at your disposal is a good thing. Who cares what other users use it for or limit it to? To get a bit personal here: when perfectly valid options are suggested (time stretching, render options, side chaining) you feel the need point out there are external solutions available or you have no need for it. I don’t really get that.

It’s each unique individuals choice to use it or not. More choice often means more confusion to find your way to approach things until you spent alot of time to understand it.

adding sidechain in renoise is not essential. adding more effects and more features is not essential either. renoise in this stage could stay as is to produce music, sure. software updates, evolves, adds and changes features based entirely by its users experience, otherwise it will die.

hardcore renoise users who know renoise inside out will for sure test out side chaining. this doesn’t say anything about the quality of music produced with it. it’s just about options.