[Done 2.6] Chord Mode For Effect Command Values

May be a bit cheeky to ask for a actual feature request so close to a RC being released but as the function is already there in the Pattern Editor hopefully it can be looked at quickly.

So you want to enter chord on the keyboard, you hold down Shift then hit the key for each note, cursor jumps down Edit Step amount and is back in the column you started in.

Can we please have entry of Pattern Effects values work the same. You want add a row of value, hold Shift and enter you values, then jump to next Edit Step in the same position you were.

plus oned!

Great idea, +1 to that.

On a similar thread of thinking, use the “K” key to re-enter the last pattern effect you entered. K for “Kopy”, but also K for “doesn’t conflict with any other pattern effect editing keys” :)

These are things we can implement with scripting aren’t they?

I’d personally like to one day see Renoise go alphanumeric with the Pattern Commands and really open them up, rather than the current hexadecimal limit, so think something with a modifier key should really be used.

Very possibly but this is something that is already in the Renoise workflow for part of the Pattern Editor and feels like it should work across the board as standard, not only if you install a certain script.

Fair call about the hex/alphanumeric thing.

Silly me! I wasn’t even looking at all the keys opened up for use by the fact we’re in edit mode and not in the note column.

= - equals, as in, what’s about to be entered equals the last thing you entered.