[Done 2.7 B2] Shortcut For Sample Editor'S Next Sample Prev Sample

So here I am, looking at the Sample Editor, loving it to pieces. Then I try to find a keyboard shortcut that would enable me to switch between samples in a multi-sample Instrument. I see the mouse-clickable arrows, but hovering the mouse on top of them doesn’t show me a tool-tip which would help me deduce what the name of the keyboard shortcut will be which I’d have to set, in order to be able to cycle through the samples.

I’m seeing a lot of “Select Previous Instrument” when zooming around Pref->Keys, but no Select Previous Sample or Next Sample.

Pretty please? :unsure:


I noticed these too.

I have been fumbling to get my old tool running which did this:

If you update the API version number from 1.0 to 2.0 in the manifest.xml, the shortcuts still work, but you also have to change the keybinding reference in the main.lua.
The Instrument Box:Navigation you have to change into Global:Instruments:

renoise.tool():add_keybinding {  
[b] [/b]name = "Instrument Box:Navigation:Select previous sample",[b]  
[/b] invoke = function(repeated) sample("selectprevious") end  
 renoise.tool():add_keybinding {  
[b] [/b] name = "Global:Instruments:Select previous sample",[b]  
 [/b] invoke = function(repeated) sample("selectprevious") end  

The same you have to do for the Select Next Sample code snippet that follow the above one.
You then have a global keybinding for selecting sample-slots.

Thanks vV! I made the required modifications and it works like a charm. Now to hope that this will be implemented in Renoise2.7 final :)

Indeed strange that we had none so far, so I’ve

added a global pair:
“Select Prev Sample In Instrument”: Shift + Alt + Up | Numpad - + Shift
“Select Next Sample In Instrument”: Shift + Alt + Down | Numpad + + Shift

and unassigned local ones to the sample editor now (when someone doesn’t want the global ones).

We’ve had none so far because the sample frame was part of the instrument frame and the instrument frame area already got a next /previous slot selection, so i guess that’s how it got overlooked.

Just a bump reminder of this idea you seemed to agree with, of making secondary shortcuts available for all.

(Sorry for messy mock-up.)

Taktik, this is really, really appreciated!! Thank you ^_^

Great to have that as a native shortcut now, but since the sample box got moved to the instrument tab, that opens another problem:

On small screens, where only one of the two panels (top or bottom) can be shown at a time, there is no visual feedback, when adding samples from the browser into different sample slots!

When the sample box was still in the upper panel, one could see where the new samples go to, but there was no shortcut to change the sample slots, now we have the shortcut, but we cannot see anymore what it does :slight_smile: