[Done 2.7 B3] Sample Selection Should Start Completely Left.

Hi there,

I really miss the way one can select a sample in the sample editor. In version 2.6 I was able to drag from the left of the screen to the right whilst clicking to select the sample. Now I have to start in the sample window itself. It messes with my workflow… and nothing should mess with my workflow… :ph34r:

I’ve been arguing to get this changed back as well :)

haven’t noticed it (yet), I often double click in the sample editor to select all, and hold right mouse click to determine the rest of the selection.

Great, I hope it gets through. It’s really annoying.

Completely agreed, this was the first thing I noticed with the new beta.

Forgot this in the Beta3 release notes. Should work in B3 just like it did in older versions…


Second that! :lol:

do you mean middle mouse button to preview ?
In previous versions we could just go with our cursor to the left corner of the( sample editor ) screen in a rapid movement ( you could do it blindly ) ,and just middle click to audition , now there seems to be some space between the border of the screen and the beginning of the sample …so we have to aim our mouse pointer to the verry beginning of the sample to audition it
If this is what you mean : it bothers me too , …if not : .this sure bothers me as hell

Yeah thats kindoff what I meant. (I just mean selection) but that should be fixed now. tbh I didn’t download the latest version of the beta yet so I didn’t yet have the chance to try it…

I think we are still missing one feature in this topic. When you click on the very edge of the sample editor it should select the beginning or the end of the sample. For example when pasting something in the end of the sample and you need to select the very end of the sample.

After more testing it looks like the selecting the endline of the sample by clicking on the edge seems to work, but about on every fifth click??
Maybe there is some code that blocks selecting it in the first click.

Any experiences???