[Done 2.7 B5] Plugin Grabber Needs An Update

Plugin grabber should support recording multiple velocities, since xrni now supports multiple velocity layers.

This would certainly be a nice addition.

More than this I’d love to see the plug-in grabber to grab from midi too…

you mean, create multi sampled instruments from recorded outboard gear? Smart!

That’s exactly what I mean.
I’m aware that there might be a bit of latency at the beginning of the file, but nothing that can’t be sorted later in the sample view if it’s a problem.
There’s a bit of latency even when you resample a pattern (with midi instruments) to sample and if Renoise can already resample audio from midi, I don’t see why the instrument grabber couldn’t do this.

Please please please!

If you guys developed AutoSampler-like behaviour into Renoise (which Plug-in Grabber already kind of shows), i.e. automatic sampling of keyranges and creating a instrumentmap immediately, Renoise would quickly become very popular among those who want to sample their old gear or gear they’ve just borrowed and to keep something after they return the synth. AutoSampler is quite expensive, I was actually shocked to see Renoise have it’s Plug-in Grabber all of a sudden.
I do hope the team can take the Plug-in Grabber further, I for one would welcome being able to record a new instrument which would be sampled from the original instrument’s sample, original instrument’s VST and original instrument’s midi-synth. This type of stuff allows for ridiculously amazing possibilities, especially if you happen to be also playing something into an audio-input which is not a melodic sound while everything else is :)

That would be huge!

this thing already exists in Extreme Sample Converter app.
having this in Renoise `ll be a killa!

This already exists in AutoSampler + AutoSampler2 and if I could get rid of that IN ADDITION to getting rid of ReCycle and never having to even look at the direction of Phatmatik Pro, well…

AutoSampler2 at work. Renoise can do this better, eventually ;)

Well done for implementing this feature. It really opens Renoise up and means not having to rely on DSSI VST in Linux.

Now let’s see if I can get my pianos sampled…mmmmmmm