[Done 2.7 Beta] Check If Song Is Latest Version (Upgraded?)

How can I query if a song has been upgraded?

I don’t want to run a script if a song has Tick Speed instead of LPB.

Can’t find anything in the API docs.


You might also get errors when you attempt to set the TPL higher than 6 in compatible mode.

Bump. Or pro tip?

Right now there is no way to find out if a song uses “speed” or “LPB” from Lua.
But I understand that this can be important for script so let’s think about how to add this:

Internally we are using a “song.playback_engine_version”, which gets increased with any changes in the player that are not backwards compatible. The speed thing is one of them. But probably this is a bit too much info. Its mostly about small things like how to treat volume column values, how some pattern FX behave and so on.

renoise.song().playback_engine_version -> [read-only, number]

alternatively we could only publish the timing model. Something like:

– consts

– tpl is used as speed factor. lpb property unused
– tpl is used as event rate for effects only. lpb defines relationship between lines and beats.

– properties
renoise.song().transport.timing_model -> [read-only, enum=TIMING_MODEL]

or a simple boolean:
renoise.song().transport.speed_timing -> [read-only, boolean]

I do prefer 2) cause its more verbose.

I’ll work with what’s available, I don’t have a preference.